Lost Cat Found Rolling Around in Catnip Toys

You would expect that a lost cat, who probably feels hungry and alone, would head straight for the food counter when she accidentally wandered into a pet shop one day.

Not so with this kitty, she heads straight for the toy section where she discovers a collection of catnip toys! This young kitty couldn’t believe her luck and immediately nuzzles her face into the playthings before stretching out on the shelf in a state of bliss. Whether it was her “first time” on this feline treat or a regular “habit” we shall never know. Which ever one it was she made the woman who was filming giggle with delight.

It looks as if this cat had the time of life, pure kitty bliss! And, you will be pleased to know that soon after she was reunited with her human, so all’s well that ends well!
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Here’s one cat that has a completely different reaction to catnip!


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