Maine Coon Asks For Bath – But Did He Really Get What He Wanted?

I think it’s safe to say that most kitties don’t like, and may I also say don’t need, to have a bath. Cats and water are not a match made in heaven. But saying that, there are many cats, including big cats, that love to immerse themselves and swim about in the big blue.

I’m not entirely sure which category this kitty falls into. It would seem that he’s no stranger to hanging out in the tub. His human explains: “I was getting ready to take a shower and he refused to get out of the tub, so I gave him a bath.” I think that the outcome was not what he expected, he seemed none too happy. I’m sure he’ll get over it and will think twice about hanging out in the bath again. At least it hasn’t knocked off any of his nine lives!

Click here to see a delightful black kitten that just LOVES his bath time.

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