Maine Coon Molly Growing Up (2 Weeks – 1 Year)

Maine Coon Molly Growing Up (2 Weeks – 1 Year)
I love Maine Coon cats! They are often referred to as “the gentle giant” of the cat world and are one of the largest domesticated breeds. Renown for their hunting skills and distinctive physical appearance, this majestic kitty is one of the more popular cat breeds in the world. I have only ever had rescue kitties in my family but I can totally see their appeal.

The maker of this video explains: “This is a video of our precious Molly growing up from two weeks to a year old. The videos and photos in the beginning were sent to us by Molly’s breeder. She sent us pictures and videos every week of Molly before we were able to take her home! We love our Molly so much!” What a delight to watch!

Click here to meet some Maine Coon kitties having a chat with the birds!

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