Man Gets Revenge On Cat Who Woke Him Up At 4am Every Morning

All cat people can relate to this. We know how much cats like to sleep, it takes up most of their day. The thing is, they don’t seem to understand that us humans also need our sleep time. They think nothing of waking us up at an unreasonable hour.

Time to meet Italic! This kitty has a habit of waking up his human at 4am every day with a loud meow. Atlanta-based writer Nicholas Tecosky is Italic’s human and he decided it was time to play Italics at his own game by waking him up with a very loud meow at 4pm in the afternoon. He says: “My cat wakes me up at 4am every morning. I repaid the favor at 4pm yesterday.”

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But don’t worry folks! Italics is emotionally unscathed.

Nicolas explains: “The cat is currently resting comfortably at the foot of the bed. He is unscathed and purring, and will probably be running around and meowing in a few hours.”

In fact, he posted another video to show us just that:
(WARNING: There is a foul word at the very end)

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