Man Saves Orphaned Kitten Who Repays Him With Love

Baby was abandoned as a kitten but luckily was found by a loving man when he heard her meowing in his backyard. He said he found this little one in a hole under the back fence. Apparently she was the runt of the litter and had been abandoned when the mother cat and her siblings had moved on.

When the man heard Baby’s lonely cries, he tore down his rock wall to save her. He then started giving the tiny kitten round-the-clock care, which meant bottle feeding her every 2 1/2 hours. On the 11th day she finally opened her eyes, and with lots of love and attention she was now walking and exploring her new home.

She soon discovered that she loved laying around in the sun, even though she was still only the size of a small sock. As the weeks went by, this little kitty was now completely in love with the big man that saved her life.

She shows her appreciation by snuggling on his shoulder for her cosy, daily naps. Whenever she sees her human dad lay down, she’s right on his belly demanding love and cuddles.

With a little bit of TLC from a young kindhearted man, Baby blossomed into a beautiful, affectionate cat. And even though her dad said he never really wanted a pet, he’s extremely thankful he found her.

Baby says the feeling is mutual. What a lovely rescue story with a happy ending.

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