Meet Gracie! An Amazing Two Legged Kitten

Here’s a heart warming story about an adorable kitten called Gracie, or as she is also known Amazing Grace, for she was born with her front legs missing. You will see that this has not been a set back for her and she is playful, loving and adventurous, just like any other young kitty.

Her owner has said this about her:

“Gracie is now about 5 years old and is doing fantastic. She is not , nor has ever been in pain. She gets around great and can even run quite fast for a two legged cat. She actually runs a lot like a rabbit. She goes up and down stairs fine. She does not even know she is handicapped. What a sweet, lovable cat.”

I think we can all agree, what a special kitty!

Here’s another heart warming story about a very special kitty called Petal.

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