Our Cats Never Let the Neighbor’s Dog Enter Our Garden

Our Cats Never Let the Neighbor’s Dog Enter Our Garden
In this video we meet a delightful pooch that tries to visit her neighbor’s garden. It’s not possible though because the cats that live there will not let her in. There is a set of stairs that divide the two gardens and whenever she tries to cross this line the cats immediately chase her back.

The cat’s human says: “Our fearless outdoor cats never let the neighbor’s cute little dog enter our garden. Whenever the dog tries to sneak in, she gets chased out of the garden by our brave & awesome cats.” I like to think that they’re all having fun, the dog is constantly wagging her tail and doesn’t seem to mind that they chase her off. If the cats were really a problem I don’t think she would ever come back. What a great way to get some exercise!

Click to meet Boomer the dog-leaping cat!

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