Miracle Paralyzed Kitten Learns to Walk with Help From his Foster Mom

Meet Renley. Sadly, he was paralysed and unable to walk, so was in desperate need of a special foster home. Luckily, Jessica Ruf, who is a veterinary nurse, learned of his situation and decided to foster him. This little kitten is very determined, after three sessions of acupuncture is already showing signs of improvement and you can see how much effort he is putting into improving his mobility.

During his fourth treatment of acupuncture, Renley was very active and even moving his back legs. He is overcoming many obstacles every day with the help of Jessica, his doctor and others at the clinic. The acupuncture is helping him immensely because it promotes healing and circulation. After 10 days of being with Jessica he seems to have lots of energy and she is stimulating his feet twice a day which is a big help.

Then the miracle happened, Renley was walking all by himself. It brought tears to Jessica’s eyes, he still has a way to go but it’s a great improvement from before. After spending a month with Jessica, we can see how happy he is and shows himself to be a very cheeky kitty, playing and getting up to all sorts of mischief just like any other kitten of his age.

He has come such a long way since Jessica first met him, he still has acupuncture treatment to help his mobility improve and when he is ready Jessica will put him up for adoption. I don’t think he’ll have any problems finding a forever home as he has an amazing personality and is a joy to be around.

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