Pietro the Cat Survives in Rubble After 16 Days

A very lucky cat has been rescued from under the rumble of Italy’s earthquake after being trapped for 16 days. The cat, named Pietro, was found under the rubble of hilltop town Amatrice and is thought to have survived on drops of rainwater as there have been several storms in the area since the earthquake hit. Firefighters heard faint meows while helping a couple recover their belongings from their collapsed home.

Pietro was found in good spirit, even attempting to scratch the hand of the firefighter who was trying to pull him out. He was rushed to the vets in the nearby city of Reiti and apart from being dehydrated, he was reported as having a fractured jaw and will be operated on when he regains his strength.

“It’s really true that cats have nine lives, look at that,” said one of the rescuers at the scene. Italian firefighters reported having rescued several animals from under the rubble since the quake, while ENPA (National Association for Animals Protection) reported having assisted 949 animals – either homeless, rescued or injured after the quake.

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