Rebellious Cat Defies Supermarket Ban And Is Back At The Checkout

Pumpkin the cat had been a regular at the Tesco supermarket in Norwich, UK. But staff labelled Pumpkin a “hindrance and a pain,” and in a move that hit the local headlines recently, announced the rescue cat had been banned from the store. The response prompted an outpouring of support for the ousted kitty, with some customers threatening to boycott the store if he wasn’t allowed back. For a while the store policy seem to work and although he was not allowed inside, Pumpkin was often spotted hanging out by the sliding doors of the shop, which is near where he lives with his owner, Jo Harding.

Now, just two months later, Pumpkin has flouted the ban. He was once again found napping on his favourite self checkout kiosk. Pumpkin’s owner Jo, said his refusal to abide by the rules comes as no surprise as he is a total diva. And for the customers, Pumpkin proved to be such a popular addition to the branch, that Jo decided to set up a Facebook group dedicated to his antics. Pumpkin’s popularity has spurned a 3000 strong fan base on the page where people can see the cats whereabouts and what he’s up to. Carry on the good work Pumpkin, we hope you are enjoying your new found fame.

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