Rebellious Cat Put in Solitary For Helping Other Shelter Cats Out

Meet Quilty, the bad boy cat currently residing at Friends for Life Animal Rescue in Houston, Texas. This spicy kitty is going viral for his naughty habit of letting himself and his roommates out any time of the day and night.

Not only can he open the human-sized door of the senior cat common room, he can also get out of every kennel they’ve put him in. He’s also very good at shadowing a human out of the door with his maximum level stealth.

Watch the video:


As a result, the staff have decided to lock Quilty inside what can only be described as “solitary confinement.” That is, at least until he can learn some manners. In the last three updates, Quilty has got out, crashed staff meetings, snuck by several staff members and had to be “perp-walked” back to his room.

Because he has become so popular on the internet, the shelter have received an enormous amount of adoption applications for him. He now has his own Instagram page and his own hashtag #freequilty. What a legend, we hope Quilty finds his forever home soon.

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