Rescue Piglet is Being Raised by Cats

This is too cute! A tiny piglet named Dragonlord was rescued from an auction. His rescuers took him home to Ranch Relaxo, a non-profit animal rescue organization and sanctuary in New Jersey. They knew that Dragon would need someone to play with and keep him company and that’s when he met their special needs foster kitten, Sriracha. She has CH, this affects the part of the brain which controls fine motor skills and coordination and makes her very wobbly.

The two became the sweetest of friends and spent hours playing with each other. Sriracha needs lots of baths because she gets very messy with all her wobbling and in turn and when she’s all clean it’s time for her to give Dragon a bath and he loves it. This delightful kitten has now been adopted but that doesn’t mean that Dragon is all alone, he has her big sister Raisin to play with – and she ensures that he never gets bored.

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