Rescued Cat Returns The Favor And Saves Owner From Fire

About five ago, Danielle rescued a kitten she found on the side of the road. The kitten was just weeks old but Danielle decided to adopt her and nicknamed her Kitty. Little did she know that Kitty would one day rescue her too.

One night, Kitty pounced on Danielle as she slept, alerting her to the flames that were spreading through their apartment walls. Danielle awoke to a terrifying sight. She rushed to the kitchen and saw a wall of red flames consuming the front of her small apartment.

She immediately returned to her bedroom to retrieve Kitty and look for a way to escape. But she panicked when she couldn’t find her cat. She began to call for kitty and opened the bedroom window to try and clear the smoke, she can remember starting to scream but the apartment was otherwise eerily silent.

By this time, Danielle’s screams had awoken the other residents, as well as Kitty there were other families trapped inside. Luckily, all the families made it out of the burning building. The Red Cross arrived, offering food, shelter, clothing and more. After regrouping at a local hotel, Danielle returned to the apartments at daybreak and hers was still smouldering.

While she was searching for Kitty, one of the firefighters suddenly called out to her and her first reaction was that he was bringing her a dead cat, but he was carrying Kitty who was safe and well. Danielle took her to the local animal hospital where she was treat for smoke inhalation and corneal abrasions.

Danielle is eternally grateful that her cat warn her of the fire and that everyone, including her cat, got out safely.

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