When Rescuer Sings the Kittens Come Running

Three nursing mama cats along with twenty kittens of different ages were rescued from a fish plant by a caring lady and her ‘cat-like’ singing. Her name is Mona Boucher and she has a very special talent, she has the ability to sound like a meowing cat and she uses this to lure cats and kittens alike out of dangerous situations.

In this video you will see that the younger kittens were attracted to Mona’s meowing and they all came out from their hiding spot. As soon as they reached the fence, Mona grabbed them through a hole underneath it. She set out traps to catch the bigger kittens and their feral cat mamas, so they could all get the care they needed to thrive. They are now all cared for in their foster homes and will soon be up for adoption.

Click here to see some very cute but noisy foster kittens!

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