Sad Kitten With Special Feet Walks Up To Woman And Asks For Help

One day, Scooter the kitten wandered into a woman’s yard and as soon as she saw him she decided to bring him into the house to try and care for him. Even though Scooter’s front paws were deformed and he was suffering from a severe eye infection, he purred and purred whenever he was cuddled.

He also loved his new toys and absolutely craved human company. He was taken to the vet where he had blood work done, x-rays taken and he even played with the staff as the vet assessed his situation.

It looked like Scooter was born with shortened or tightened muscles/ligaments on both his front feet and this was causing his feet to turn inwards. The best course of action was to start physical therapy on both his legs which involved stretching and manipulating his feet to get them used to staying in the proper position.

At seven weeks old he weighed in just one pound, this was tiny for his age but he was doing well and loved being with his foster family. But he’s come on a long way since then, take a look at his progress.

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