SAVE LIVES – Spay & Neuter!

Take a look at the  Cole & Marmalade Spayathon! Their human dad Chris says: “Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a reality, working together to save lives is PAWSOME!”  He adds: “Purrlease spay and neuter your pets, millions of healthy animals are euthanized in shelters each year due to pet overpopulation… there’s lots of problems in this world, but this is one we can help put an end to.”

It’s thanks to caring volunteers and people like Chris that make events like this happen, they managed to spay and neuter over 100 cats on the day. It may seem like a drop in the ocean on the big scheme of things but it will prevent untold numbers of unwanted cats being born. Have you spayed or neutered your kitty?

Click here to see how you spay and neuter 200 feral cats!

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