Scared Kitten Is Completely Transformed When She Meets Her Foster Mom

When rescuers found Amelia, she was all alone, scared and very hungry. Sparkle Cat Rescue were informed and they instantly stepped up to assist. Hidden beneath her blanket, this scared kitty tried to disappear from an overwhelming situation, but destiny had other plans. She was found a place with Rowan, a volunteer foster mom, and started to receive loads of cuddles. Amelia soon realized that this was much better than being all alone.

Before long, Amelia blossomed into a playful kitten and was ready to be adopted into her forever home. She was part of an adoption event, but all the noise and commotion was too much for a tiny kitten with shy tendencies. The back of her cage served as a refuge, her trusty blanket helping her to hide. Staff and animal-loving volunteers were concerned about Amelia when a couple with hopes of adopting a cat stopped in front of her cage. Once coaxed out of hiding, Amelia calmed right down. She crawled up to her new mom’s neck, knowing that she had now found her forever family. She has settled right in to her new home and her only worry now is which of her toys to play with next. She gets hugs and cuddles on a regular basis and is very happy with her new, comfy life.

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