See What Happens When a Lion is Attacked by Pack of Hyenas

Lions are undoubtedly the kings of the animal world. But how do they cope when confronted by a hungry pack of twenty hyenas? In this amazing footage from the BBC series Dynasties, we meet a young male lion that has decided to explore the boundaries of his pride’s territory. Unfortunately for him he has wandered straight into the middle of a hyena clan. They soon have him trapped and begin to wear him down, it’s impossible for him to fight them all at once and he begins to tire.

But help is at hand because the commotion has been heard by another pride member, as soon as the other lion appears the hyenas realize that the odds are now against them and they soon disperse. Even for twenty hyenas, a pair of male lions is too much to take on. This young lion was lucky his ally arrived when he did and we share a lovely moment as he shows his gratitude.

Click here to meet a curious lion cub and his magnificent roar!

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