Shelter Finds Perfect Solution For Senior Cat Who Loves Being Held

Meet Dougie a 15-year old ginger cat in Maine who just wants to snuggle. When this friendly kitty arrived at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, he was in a bad way. He had feline inflammatory bowel disease, and he was also something of a cuddle monster. According to the shelter, Dougie cried and meowed any time he wasn’t being petted or held.

So Robert Weimer, one of the people that worked at the shelter, came up with a very creative solution. He would carry Dougie in a “baby Bjorn” against his chest. That way, Dougie would get the snuggles he desired while Robert carried on with his work caring for all the other animals there.

Dougie was put up for adoption this week and thanks to a post of him going viral, he has already been adopted by a kind and loving mom who will give him as many snuggles and love that he needs.

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