Shelter Threw Cat A Birthday Party To Help Her Get Adopted, But Nobody Came

This is Monique, she is a two-year-old tabby cat that was hoping to celebrate her second birthday with a new loving family, but instead, she partied alone.

After she had passed her hundredth day at the animal shelter with no one applying to adopt her, the staff at Battersea home for cats and dogs decided to throw her a party in the hope of finding someone interested in having Monique join their family.

They decorated Monique’s pen and gave her special toys, but when the big day arrived, not a single person turned up to meet Monique, despite the shelter’s best efforts to blanket to the community with party invitations.

The staff suspected that people will put off adopting Monique because she has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Many believe that since FIV in cats is an incurable condition is instantly fatal. In reality, FIV positive felines (similar to HIV positive humans) can lead a normal, healthy and happy life.

Whoever decides to adopt Monique will have to cat poof their garden, this is so that she has a chance to enjoy the outside world without coming into contact with any other cats and potentially spread the virus. FIV cannot be passed on to humans.

All of the staff at the shelter describe Monique as a loving, gentle soul that enjoys human company. It’s always sad when a pet is in need of a loving home, especially when they would make an ideal, loving companion.

Let’s hope that Monique soon finds the family she deserves.

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