Shivering Stray Cat Shows Up At The Fire Station Asking For Help

Shivering Stray Cat Shows Up At The Fire Station And Asking For Help
The firefighters atĀ Steinbach Fire Department in Manitoba, Canada, weren’t expecting to get a surprise, but fate seems to have a strange way of bringing great things into the hands of great people. Last month they saw a cat staring longingly through the station window while she was shivering outside in the cold. The firefighters decided to bring her into the station and showered her with care. She got some much needed immunizations and was spayed. She also had a return visit to the vet to sort out ear mites.

Given that she was so loving, they all thought that she must be a lost pet, so they began to post missing pet articles on various social media sites. So when no one claimed her after a reasonable time, the fire rescuers became animal rescuers, taken it upon themselves to forever take care of her and even called her Ember. Local social media users also fell in love with her when she showed up regularly on their Facebook page with “Amber Alerts.” She adored living in the fire station, even though it was impossible to give her loads of attention throughout the day. They knew the situation wasn’t ideal and now they have found her a loving forever home.

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