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Stray Kitten Chooses a Soldier As His Forever Human

Justin is a soldier that was stationed in Romania and one day a little black kitten caught his attention.

He appeared from out of the bushes and started to follow Justin everywhere he went.


Every morning the little kitten would wait for Justin to appear, he had already decided that this man would be his forever human, so Justin named him Salem.

He loved to take a nap on Justin’s lap, and if his lap wasn’t available, Salem would snuggle down into his combat helmet.


It didn’t take long for this little black kitten to creep his way into Justin’s heart.

When it was time to return to the US, Justin realized that he couldn’t leave little Salem behind but it wouldn’t be possible to immediately take his new buddy with him.


Thankfully, Justin met a volunteer from a local animal shelter and she agreed to help get Salem to the US.

Just two months after Justin and Salem found each other, this little kitty traveled thousands of miles to his forever home in the El Paso, Texas.


There he was welcomed by his new human mom and his future feline companion, Cheddar. He was ready to start his new life in a loving family.

Watch the video:


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