Stray Kitten Found Alone in Forest, Snuggles Up Cyclist’s Shoulder and Won’t Let Go

There was no safe way to bring her home on their bikes, so they took a risk, hid her and then rushed home to fetch the car to return to her as quickly as possible. They used a little blanket to wrap her up safe and warm. The couple named her Mini Kitty and she showed her gratitude by giving them plenty of cuddles and grooming sessions. She ate till she was full and slept peacefully now that she was in a loving home. Today, Mini is still a huge cuddler and loves to snuggle up next to them. She has also started to show her playful side. Every morning she runs up the stairs to greet them, happy to be in their lives.

Click here to discover the story of a stray kitten that ended up biking around the world!

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