Street Cat Rescue: Bella

Flatbush Cats is an organization focused on reducing the outdoor cat population in Brooklyn, New York.

There are over 500,000 cats on the streets of New York City and Flatbush Cats focus on trap, neuter and return training (TNR), mentoring and educating people in this process and of course cat rescue and adoption.


This sweet, shy cat was found all alone outside on a freezing winter’s morning. She was around seven years old with just a few teeth left and she was starving.

It was obvious that this kitty was an indoor cat as she had no winter coat or any idea of what to do next. But there was one thing that was clear, she was pregnant.


She was easy to trap as she was so hungry and once back home they decided to name her Bella.

It was unclear how long she had been out in the cold all by herself but it must’ve been very stressful for her.


It was obvious to all that she was thrilled to finally be inside and loved all the attention she was receiving.

After a few weeks of rest she was feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed – and it didn’t take long to find her the perfect forever home where she would be the centre of attention.


Watch the video for the full story:

Bella’s story addresses a very difficult and not often discussed subject: the spaying of pregnant cats. Most animal lovers are not aware of the scale of NYC’s cat overpopulation crisis. There are just not enough resources for cats that are already born and waiting for homes and shelters.

The ASPA tell us that over 800,000 cats are euthanized in shelters across America every year – that is a staggering amount. This is why it has become standard practice for most shelters to spay pregnant cats and at the same time terminate their pregnancy.

It’s a very sad situation as no animal lover wants to terminate a life but there are just not enough resources available to deal with the volume of cats and kittens that pass through animal shelters every year. And fewer cats giving birth on the street means more support for all the cats who have already been born, which is why the TNR program is so important.

Even though she was named Bella, in retirement she goes by Liquid Thunder aka LT, and her life is a dream. You can keep up with her here on Instagram  


“Her story also highlights the joys of adopting a senior cat who is ready for retirement. Studies show the likelihood of a cat being adopted from a shelter decreases as they age. There is a sweet senior just like Bella in a shelter near you, waiting for her moment in the sun.”
Wise words from the tireless carers and volunteers at Flatbush Cats.

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