Teeny Tiny Paralyzed Kitten Surprises Everyone

Little Charlie was brought to Marie’s house late one night in a small laundry basket. He was about eight weeks old and weighed a little under 2 pounds.

It was thought that little Charlie had been thrown against the wall, this abuse had caused severe damage to his spine and left his hind legs paralyzed.

Marie had no idea that when this teeny tiny kitten entered her life, he would completely change her world.

Meet Charlie and scroll down for his story.


Marie had never cared for a paralyzed kitten before and wasn’t sure what his future held for him. The first time she picked him up he was shaking but then he just relaxed and started purring.

His appetite was good and he appeared very bright and active. And even though he was in a lot of pain, he was full of life.


When Marie took him to the vet clinic, they recommended euthanasia, but this was something that Marie couldn’t really process and found it hard to hear the words.

She believed that this was not the right choice for Charlie so she visited the local hospital to see about surgery. The surgeons there were willing to try and help him but the cost would be $10,000-$12,000.


This was a lot of money for Marie and she wasn’t sure what to do, but then came up with the idea of starting a Go Fund Me page and began sharing it on social media.

Within 24 hours over 600 people had donated and enough money was raised so that they could go ahead with the surgery.


Charlie became very sick after the surgery and had to spend a week in the ICU. He then started two weeks of physiotherapy and before long he began to use his back legs.

After that nothing could hold him back. He went from walking to running, to jumping and climbing in a very short space of time.

And not once did he ever give up, or stop trying.


Watch the video to see his progress:

After being so much a part of Charlie’s life, Marie realised that she just couldn’t let him go, he was now very much part of her family.

He also gave her inspiration to help other special-needs cats that were out there and that’s when she created Charlie’s Army Animal Rescue, and started fostering and caring for kittens that required more care.


Marie says: “Thank you for loving Charlie and helping me save his life. We wouldn’t be there without you and I wouldn’t be continuing to save lives if it wasn’t for this Army that Charlie created. ”

Let Charlie be an inspiration to you – your reminder to keep going and never give up.


You can find out more about Charlie’s Army Animal Rescue on Facebook and Instagram

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