The Story of Two Abandoned Kittens and a Stray Dog

There is a man that lives in a small village in North Africa, he does what he can to help out the local stray cats and dogs in his area. He really is a godsend, as there are no shops in the village that provide animal food and no veterinary clinic. In this video, whilst out for a walk, he comes across two abandoned kittens. They were both crying and obviously very hungry and scared about being alone. So he tried to reassure them and then set off to get them some food.

After eating they calmed down a little, but you won’t believe what happened next. A stray dog appeared in the street and both of them immediately went to him. The man kept his distance and watched, he realized the three of them already knew each other. It became obvious that this caring dog was watching over them, the man offered the dog the rest of the food but he was more interested in guarding the kittens. Even though the two kittens had this guardian angel, he decided the best course of action was to take them home with him.

Once home, it took them awhile to get used to their new surroundings but they soon got to know their new family. As for the dog, he soon discovered where they lived so the man put out a blanket and food for him. He’s never around in the daytime, but comes at night for his evening meal. The man thinks that this dog is more caring than a lot of the humans he knows and the two of them have become firm friends.

Since then the man has found good homes for all the kittens. All of the stray animals in his village are lucky to have somebody so caring watching out for them.

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