The Ugly Truth About Cats and Christmas Trees

At Christmas time we all love to hang decorations and put up a tree, it’s normal behaviour. But what some people don’t realize is that all of these things are potential hazards to our pets. So if you have a cat (or dog for that matter) in your family you need to make sure that your house is a safe place for them to be during the holiday period.

In this video cat daddy Jackson Galaxy explains what you can do so that everyone is happy, humans and animals alike. He also says: “When it comes to candles, they need to be out of reach of cats. Cats tip over candles and start fires. Cats burn themselves on candles. Make sure they are wall mounted or a place where cats just cant get to them. Same goes for incense. Wires: Cats get into Xmas trees and will sometimes chew the wires for the lights. You can treat the wires with substances like “Bitter Apple” – also use any of my suggestions for keeping them away from the tree in general OR don’t use electric lights. Also there are products like LUME where you can feed electric cords through them from the tree to the outlet and your cats wont be able to chew through it.” All good advice to ensure that everyone has a happy Christmas!

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