Adorable Cat Looks Like a Bat Due to Rare Condition

And adorable cat that goes by the name of Lucy has gained a huge following on social media because of a rare condition that makes her resemble a bat.

When owner Zilla first saw Lucy in a video from her friend who is a cat breeder, she instantly became smitten with this unique looking Sphinx kitten. After Lucy had her first vet visit, she was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, a rare neurological condition caused by a build up of fluid in her brain.

This means she has an oversized head, which along with her hairless black skin makes her look a lot like a bat. The vet revealed that some vets may be willing to operate on the cat, but he believed it really wasn’t worth it.

Undeterred, Zilla decided to adopt this special needs kitten and the two finally met. Before Lucy arrived at her new home, Zilla did plenty of research learning everything she could about this condition, she was two months old when she arrived at her new home.

Zilla was excited about Lucy’s arrival, but also very nervous about having to care for a kitten with such a neurological disorder. But despite this, Zilla explains that Lucy’s life is pretty much normal. And Lucy’s life now? It’s awesome! She plays, cuddles, and loves to watch the birds through the window,  and she especially enjoys human company.

In the beginning Lucy had a lot of health issues, but thanks to her owner, who searched for the best vets in the country, Lucy is now healthy and happy.

You can see more of Lucy on Instagram

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