This Adorable Cat Won’t Go Anywhere Without His Favorite Stuffed Pig

When Diego was younger, he had some health issues that caused him to be smaller than most other cats of the same age and this sometimes made it difficult for him to play in the same way that they did. For this reason, he found other ways to entertain himself and one of those was carrying around his toys around with him. A few years ago, Diego received a bright pink stuffed pig from a family member as a present. He became totally obsessed with it and since then refused to let it out of his sight.

So Diego carries his bright pink stuffed pig everywhere he goes, it’s definitely his favorite of all his stuff toys. They play together, nap together, and eat together, he even spends time grooming the pig as if it were his very own kitten. The pair are always together, even when Diego has to pay a visit to the vet clinic. And if by chance he mislays his stuffed pig, he quickly becomes very agitated and upset. One time he wouldn’t stop crying and was very upset, so his human mom Crystal, gave him a pink pillow to calm him down. He napped and slept on the pillow constantly until finally, his mom found the lost pig and all was well. The family has no idea why Diego loves his pink pig so much, But they have completely accepted the fact that Diego and his stuffed pig come as a pair. What a loving cat Diego is – and what a cute couple they make!

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