This Cat Is A Supermodel

This Cat Is A Supermodel
Meet Coffee! He’s an extremely pretty kitty with a pink nose and beautiful blue eyes and as you will see he’s also very hyper. His human moms say his name is very fitting because he acts like he’s drank loads of coffee, he’s goes crazy and there’s never a dull moment.

His moms dote on him every day and while brushing him they noticed something different about his body, they knew something was wrong. There were two symmetrical bumps that you couldn’t visually see unless you pressed and separated his fur. They immediately took him to the vet and when the test results came back a few days later they discovered that he had kidney lymphoma. They started treatment and Coffee was so brave during his chemo, his fans sent him love from all over the world and his moms read and responded to every letter they received and there was boxes and boxes of them. They decided to get a fifth cat that was specially for him and that is when Luna the kitten joined their family. Coffee totally dotes on Luna and it was felt that all the cuddles and love they gave each other was a crucial part of his recovery.

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