This Cat’s Paws Were Painted Purple and the Reason is Heartbreaking


If you saw a cat that had painted paws, you’d understandably be a bit confused. You may think the cat accidentally put his paw in some paint, or an over enthusiastic child had decided to give him a make-over or maybe he had walked somewhere he shouldn’t have. In this instance, that is definitely not the case.

Megan Sorbara is the founder of Naples Cat Alliance, they have taken in hundreds of cats, many with heartbreaking stories. With all her experience, she knew exactly what it meant when she received a photo of a cat with purple paws. This poor kitty was probably used as bait in a dogfighting ring. The dogfighters paint the cats’ paws to ‘color-code’ them so that cruel people can bet on which cat would be killed first. This heinous crime has to be stopped. If you hear of anybody taking part in this terrible act you must alert the authorities immediately.

Fortunately, this kitty was was able to escape before he entered the ring and appears in good health, many others are no so lucky.

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