Tiger Petting: Why You Should Never Pay to Pet a Tiger

Here’s why you should never pay to pet a tiger. Tourists around the world are paying to pet baby tigers, but it’s actually a lot worse than it seems. They are being bred in captivity and then taken from their mothers at a very early age. At that age, just like any baby, they need plenty of sleep, but they don’t get a chance to as they are constantly being handled or used as photo props.

When they get to big to be held, they are sold to other tourists sights where they are drugged, chained up and beaten. can you believe that there are only 3,800 tigers left in the wild, tourists are told that these places are helping conservation but this simply isn’t the case. tourists need to be made aware that the best place to see tigers is in the wild.

To help save tigers, you can support Project CAT here: https://projectcat.discovery.com/
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