Unwanted Cat Clutched Onto Woman & Wouldn’t Let Go. But She Can’t Take Him Home

When Jessica Parken and her fiancé Andy Brumagen visited a local store, they were immediately drawn to a large tabby cat that was sitting in a kitty condo. When Jessica and Andy approached him the kitty was very friendly towards them, so much so that when Jessica tried to put him down he didn’t want to let go.

This friendly kitty hugged and snuggled into her as if to say: “Please take me with you, I don’t want to be left here. I want someone to love me.” The young couple affectionately named the cat Clutch, but however they were forced to leave him behind. Jessica and Andy already had a senior cat at home and they knew that arriving home with another cat would have been too much for him. But luckily for Clutch, this story has a happy ending.

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