Watch A 3-Day-Old Kitten Grow Up So Big And Cute

When a newborn kitten was found all alone in a parking lot, she was only three days old. Luckily she was taken to a foster home where they named her Fidget, at the time she weighed less than a third of a banana. She was so young to be away from her mother, her eyes were barely open, but her foster mamma was ready to fight with her.

She was bottle-fed every few hours and was kept snug and warm, she was showing herself to be tiny but mighty. When she was eight days old she weighed a quarter of a pound and her eyes were finally open. Things were starting to look up for this tiny ball of fur.

Like most kittens of her age, when she wasn’t playing, she was sleeping, and she soon learnt how to groom herself. At two weeks old she started to gain some weight and made a new friend, her own cuddly toy! Now she was bigger and stronger she tried walking, she was very wobbly at first but she soon got the hang of it.

At three weeks old she was learning how to take care of herself, and teeth were finally coming through, which meant she had to bite everything. She was growing up into the feistiest, affectionate little girl and her personality blossomed. When she hit 2 lb in weight, she finally found her for ever home and with it was her new sister Abby.

They instantly enjoyed each other’s company and played together all day long. Fidget was so lucky that somebody found her in the parking lot that day, she now lives a wonderful life surrounded by people who love her.

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