White Tigers Aren’t Supposed To Exist


Sapphire is a beautiful white tiger, but there’s something very sad about her story. Sometimes she will try to attack her own back legs because she thinks there’s another tiger behind her. She doesn’t really understand that it’s actually her and not another cat. Sadly, she was bred to be that way and was rescued from a roadside zoo when she was nine years old. Like all white tigers she has many health issues and is cross-eyed.

White tigers do not exist in the wild, they have been inbred by humans and all of them have descended from a wild white cub that was found by a hunter. In the wild, this cub would not have lasted long due to it’s deformities, but for decades now people have been inbreeding them to be used as circus and tourist attractions. Thankfully Big Cat Rescue have been rescuing them from horrific conditions to give them a chance at having a more normal, happy life. This kind of inbreeding is so unnecessary and needs to be stopped. You can support Big Cat Rescue to help save more tigers here. 

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