Wild Lynx Meets the Crazy Cat Lady Whisperer !


When a Canadian woman came upon a wild lynx outside her shop, she decided to video the encounter and when she posted it online, received both awe and ridicule from the people who watched it.

Beth-Ann Colebourne, who now bears the nickname “the crazy cat lady whisperer”, says that she didn’t feel threatened by the animal and made sure she gave it room to get away.

Even so, her calls of “Kitty, kitty, kitty” and “What’s up buddy, what are you doing?” left a trail of online comments questioning her sanity.

Despite her invitations of “Hey, Lynx!” and “Come here,” the wild animal appears uninterested in making friends with her and walks quickly away, looking back several times.

She says she understands why people might think her actions are crazy, and the negative posts and the new nickname don’t bother her.

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