Woman Moves To Beautiful Island And Starts Rescuing Cats

Woman Moves To Beautiful Island And Starts Rescuing Cats
Sharon moved to a Greek island and planned to live there just a little while. She explains: “Life was great and easy, but once the cats started appearing, I felt the need to do something for the cats on the island and before you know it we’ve got a handful of cats here.” Since then she’s been helping all the stray cats and hundreds of them live with her.

On a usual day Sharon is up at 6am, she feeds the indoor kittens and then all the on site cats outside. There is about 200 cats on site and she has four volunteers that help her go around the island and feed another 300 cats at 16 feeding stations. Sharon started the charity in 2005 since then they have neutered around 7,000 cats. They have a neutering event every year to make this possible and keep the population down. Sharon is now looking for a new location to continue the great work she does. If you would like to help the cats of Skiathos, you can support the Skiathos Cat Welfare Association here: https://www.skiathos-cats.org/ways-to-help/

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