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World Records Held By Cats!

Is your cat exceptional or extraordinary? Have a look at these 6 amazing cats that have earned themselves a place in the Guinness World Records. 1. The record for the longest cat is held by Stewie, from Nevada and he is a staggering 48.5 in long. 2. Colonel Meow, a Himalayan-Persian cross-breed holds the world record for […]

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5 Famous Cats in Cat Food Giveaway

You can help a cat shelter in the US get a free tin of cat food just by watching the video below featuring a ‘celebrity cat supergroup’! Friskies are donating one can of wet cat food to shelters and rescue centres across the US for each and every view – up to a maximum of […]

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World Record Cat Fur!

Colonel Meow (what a great name!) is the new official Guinness World Record holder for the longest fur on a domestic cat. The world record cat fur holder doesn’t seem too bothered yet though. The 2 year old Himalayan-Persian cross might not be a pedigree kitty but that fur has scored him the record. At […]

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Cat Burglar Cleans Up Neighbourhood

Meet Norris. Norris is a true cat burglar. And his secret was just discovered by his somewhat perplexed owners, Sophie and Richard Windsor of Bedminster, Bristol (UK) when they finally figured out that the 2 year old tabby was to blame for the increasing pile of items that were appearing in their home. Like many […]

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Abandoned Kitten Found on the Tube in London

  This 4 week old abandoned kitten was found during Monday evening rush hour riding in a Tube train on the Victoria line having been left alone. She was covered in gunk and cowering in a cardboard box. At such a tender age the Blue Cross, who rescued her, say she needs round the clock […]

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Owner Reunited with Lost Cat after 3 Years

  What an amazing story. Cat lover, Colleen Creswell, was reunited with her beautiful cat, Wicket, after she had gone missing for three years. The New Zealand native had given up all hope 6 months after she had wandered off, but it turned out she had gone less than a mile and was living feral […]

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