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Meet Skimbles

Meet Skimbles, there he sits, all dignified and calm. Until that moment, yes, you guessed it… epic cat fail.

Poor Skimbles, I hope it’s only his ego that is bruised.

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Cat vs Alligator!

See how this brave cat reacts to an alligator! I think the alligator is actually more interested in the chicken meat than the cat….. But that doesn’t detract from the fact that this is one tough kitty! See a cat wearing a shark costume here.

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Is this Cat Evolution?

I’ve seen lazy cats and I’ve seen just plain old fat cats. I’ve seen cats that are entranced by the TV and cats that couldn’t care less. This, though, is clearly a sign that there is a sub-species of cat that has evolved far too many human qualities, and is happy to slob out on […]

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