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Is this Cat Evolution?

I’ve seen lazy cats and I’ve seen just plain old fat cats. I’ve seen cats that are entranced by the TV and cats that couldn’t care less. This, though, is clearly a sign that there is a sub-species of cat that has evolved far too many human qualities, and is happy to slob out on […]

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Crazy Little Kitty!

This little kitty is crazy! Is he chasing his shadow? What ever it is he’s doing it had me in stitches! [adinserter name=”Cats in content 1 desktop/tablet”] See some more crazy kitties here.

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Scaredy Cats!

This lovely mummy cat had some serious making up to do with her litter of kittens after giving them such a fright that it caused them to scarper in all directions! This delightful litter of eight kittens (yes, eight!) ran for cover when their mother fell down amongst them after attempting to jump up onto a window sill.

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