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7 Best Crystal Cat Litters of 2021

Crystal cat litter offers a dust-free, odor-free and non-clumping cat litter solution. But is it the best cat litter and which comes out on top?

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10 Best High Fiber Cat Foods for 2021

What’s the best high fiber cat food? If your cat suffers from hairballs or constipation high fiber food can be the fix. Check our full guide.

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Shy Tabby Completely Opens Up When He Meets Rescued Kitten

“I was raised to always take care of what life brought to me, and every time a cat crossed my doorstep, I gave them a home of their own and all of my love.” Click to find out more.

Street Kitten Rescue: Luke and Leah Were Abandoned in a Park

Sergey lives in Moscow and he does what he can for the stray cats and kittens in his neighborhood. One day when he was in the park putting out food for the cats he spotted two little kittens all alone.

What a Cutie – 11th June 2021

Click to see the very best of this week’s great pictures of cats and kittens from our Facebook Page, including this little Cutie! Don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be the first to see these every day.

Pregnant Stray Cat Arrives on Doorstep Every Day to Find a Home for Her Kittens

A stray cat appeared on a doorstep every day, waiting patiently until the kind homeowner gave her some food. As it was cold outside the homeowner sought help from a local animal rescuer.

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9 Best Cat Heating Pads of 2021

A cat heating pad will help keep an indoor or outdoor cat warm & we’ve got all the options covered. You know kitty likes warmth – he needs this!

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Arm and Hammer Sifting Litter Box – Is It The Best?

Is the Arm & Hammer Sifting Cat Litter Box the best sifting box you can buy? Read our review to see how it compares with its three main rivals.

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5 Best Cat Wands of 2021

The cat wand is the cheapest and perhaps most engaging toy for your kitty. We review the best that will get your cat jumping and hunting like a lion!

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Laser Pointer for Cats. Good or Bad?

Is a laser pointer for cats good or bad? Our experts have looked at all the issues of using a laser pointer with your kitty. Read more here.

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What’s the Best Cat Litter: Clumping vs Non Clumping litter?

Choosing the best type of cat litter for you and your kitty comes down to clumping vs non-clumping litter. Use these facts to make your choice.

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7 Best Litter Box Furniture Products of 2021

Avoid having your smelly kitty litter box in plain sight ever again with one of these clever hidden litter box furniture products! Kitty smart!

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