Top 10 Cat Products

This is one of 6 ‘Top 10’ lists of cat products. Check them all out here.

In this section, we list the very best general products for your cat. These are the very cream of the crop and everything is vetted by our cat lovers community so you’ll be safe buying any of these.

Some items may not be available in all countries – if not from our link, get your Google on!

1. PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounger


This curved cardboard combined scratcher and lounger has consistently topped the bestseller list on Amazon. Just click here to see.

Is it the fact that it’s a smart and modern looking piece of furniture that will look good in any home? Or is it simply that every cat loves it and it quickly becomes their de facto sleeping place. Whatever it is, we know it’s a winner!

Reversible for twice the use and made of eco-friendly, recycled corrugated cardboard and with curves that make for easier scratching and a more comfortable place to rest and play. It’s even large enough to hold multiple or larger cats and provide generous scratching space.

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2. Kitty Tube – Insulated Outdoor Cat House


Worried about your cats when they’re outside? Caring for feral kitties? Or just looking for a place for your cats to hole up when they want to stay in the fresh air? Well, this is the definitive outdoor cat house.

The Kitty Tube provides an economical, safe, and secure home for up to 3 cats. The Tube includes a custom, machine washable pet bed on top of the fully insulated floor. As well as the floor, the walls and roof are all insulated with a high quality, high warmth rated insulation so that The Kitty Tube will stay cool in the summer, and is ultra warm in the winter.

The ‘must-have’ outdoor shelter for your cat.

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3. The Warming Cat Bed


Want to spoil your kitty or do you have an older, arthritic or sick cat? Whether it’s a necessity or a little luxury for your kitty, this is the pick of the crop when it comes to heated beds.

Recommended by veterinarians, this bed generates a gentle warmth to soothe your cat. An integrated heater produces a mild radiant warmth that ensures cats always have a warm place to lie, yet is not warm to human touch. The soft microfleece-lined interior evenly distributes warmth and the foam cushion provides proper support. The roof provides cats with a partially sheltered, private cove, or it removes for open-air relaxation. The bottom of the bed has a non-slip fabric for stability on hard floors.

Your cat will probably never move again!

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4. Krabhuis – Cardboard Cat House


Krabhuis is a scratching post with a difference – a quirky take on that scratching post your kitty needs. Styled to look like your cat’s very own home from home, this unique indoor scratch palace is perfect for those with a designer eye.

The Dutch cat lovers behind this artistic beauty have, in fact, solved a cat owner’s conundrum. You need your cat to scratch on something that isn’t your furniture but they often ignore the place you choose. And, every cat loves a cardboard box.

So, in a moment of genius, the Krabhuis team have combined the scratching post with that cardboard box and given it a twist of design flair.

You’re happy, your cat is happy and everyone wins!

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5. SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post


Just want the best scratching post that money can buy? Want one that will fit in with your home décor?

Then this is the one you need.

Amazon reviewers tell it like it is and if you check out what they have to say about this premium cat scratching post here , you’ll see that this won’t disappoint.

Durable sisal that encourages your cat to scratch and tall enough to allow every cat a proper full body length stretch. Combine that with a wide and sturdy hardboard base so that there is no tipping or wobbling and this really is the only scratching post you’ll ever need.

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6. Armarkat Cave Shape Cat Bed

Cats love to snuggle down and feel the protection of being partially enclosed – so this cave shaped cat bed appeals to that natural instinct.

Reassuringly simple and unfussy, what you get here is a soft and snuggly place for your kitty to snooze and hide away. Soft velvet with a waterproof and skid free base and with sturdy foam filled walls and roof to create that cave feeling.

If you’re after a perfect cat bed for your beloved kitty, this will fit the bill.

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7. Cat Hammock


Some cats do and some cats don’t!

Use these and love them, that is.

But, because the support for this under chair hammock from those cat owners whose kitties ‘get it’ is so overwhelming, we think that this will hold it’s place in the Top 10 for some time.

The hammock fits under virtually any chair, except those with metal legs or with cross bracing under the seat so you can use that wasted space creating a secret place where your cat can hideout and sleep.

The straps are designed so that they won’t slip and they will easily take the weight of any cat.

Also available in different colours. High quality and built to last.

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8. Peek-a-Prize Toy Box

Want to give your kitty a bit of a challenge? Then fill this heavy duty wooden box with her toys and let her rummage around to get them.

This qualifies for the Top 10 as it’s a rare cat who doesn’t love this. Hind legs thumping the sides and front paws digging around through the holes to get at strategically placed favourites and your cat will spend hours playing with this.

Keeps curious cats mentally and physically sharp and works with almost any appropriately sized toy or catnip.

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9. Catty Stacks Modular Cat Condos

We’ve looked at the leading brands of stackable play areas for your cat – and this one comes out top because of the low(ish) cost and the ease with which it can be built and swapped around.

Oh, and our cats ADORE it!

Your cat loves the box their toys come in more than the toy itself – so why not give them a better box. And this is it.

Made in the US from industrial-strength corrugated Ultraboard, the innovative design allows for unique configurations. The boxes secure to each other and you can use 6-inch or optional removable 10-inch diameter holes.

The best boxes you can buy.

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10. Armarkat Cat Tree Condo


Armarkat’s reputation for quality and value for money earns them a second slot in this Top 10 – have a look at the Amazon reviews to see why.

This is one of their largest cat trees at a bit over 5 feet high and seems to match the size, height and design needs of most cat lovers. Made from wood with a fleece covering, this is a great unit for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising.

One thing lots of Armarkat owners appreciate is that the company supply replacement parts if anything wears out. A bonus!

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Bubbling Under…


CrackleChute Collapsible Tunnel


There’s a lot of cat tunnels you could buy, but this one wins out as our pick – and that’s down to the very reasonable price and the fact that the crackle of the material adds an extra fun dimension for your kitty.

Cats can’t resist crawling inside the mysterious interior and love the crackle and the peek-a-boo pop out hole.

Collapsible for easy storage, this tunnel offers your cat a place to hide, to dash through or to stalk from – a winner all round!

The expanded tunnel measures 9.5″ diameter x 35″ long and retracts to less than 2″ deep for easy storage.

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K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed


We love the heated bed at number 3 but this runs it a very close second and is less than half the price for the smaller version. If you’re after a heated bed for your cat, you should definitely put this on your list.

It’s a soft, comfortable heated bed that has a dual-thermostat unit to raise temperature 15 degrees above air temperature. The cover is easily removable and is washable.

Available in two sizes at either 16” or 20” diameter and in a host of colours – click to check the love for this on Amazon.

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Bunk Bed and Playroom for Cats

If you like the idea of the peek-a-boo toy box at number 8, but wished it had a bunk bed and your kitty could also get inside? You’re in luck!

From the same manufacturer and of the same heavy duty wooden construction this fun, secure unit is great for both playing and sleeping.

A bed and a big hiding space for your cat plus lots of holes to grapple toys through. What could be better!?

Includes a comfortable quilted pad for the bed and 2 spring-action toys.

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Catit Design Senses Grass Garden Kit

Catit can be trusted to make high quality products for your cat (have you seen this?). [LINK to 2 on Cat Toys] And this Grass Garden Kit is no exception. If your cat doesn’t go outside then they’ll miss the role grass can play in their health – as a natural source of fiber and an aid to digestion amongst other benefits. But this kit brings outdoor nature inside to indoor cats.

Includes grass seed and substrate to grow your own cat grass and a cool Accu-Pressure Mat that provides a pressure point paw massage as they nibble!

Safe, green, a bit bonkers but totally brilliant.

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Goldtatze Custom Cat Furniture


We would’ve put this in the Top 10 but the cost means we just couldn’t – this is brilliant but lots of us could never afford it. No matter how much we love our cats.

That said, this modular indoor cat furniture is simply awesome. Made by German cat accessories company Goldtatze, the furniture resembles a complex playground, with climbing trees, perches, suspended bridges, and scratching posts mounted on the walls and even suspended from the ceiling. Goldtatze will build whatever you want – pretty much anything is possible.

The spacious and luxurious layouts will ensure that your supremely spoiled cat will get plenty of exercise while feeling like a king!

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Modular Cat Wall


Like the offering above, Catswall is another modular system for building an indoor playground for your cat.

As an aluminum wall hanging system it’s not quite as customisable as the Goldtatze and a little more affordable. You can adjust the grid size to suit your specific needs, and the Catswall system is easy to assemble at home.

The company are adding new parts all the time but so far you can mix and match Catsbox, Catspassage, Catsladder, and Catstair add-ons to build the Catswall system that best meets your homes specific needs.

Some lucky kitties going to be very happy!

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Incline Scratcher Cat Toy

A third option when looking for the right scratcher for your cat.

The Top 10 currently holds the scratcher with the most interesting design and the post with the best reviews.

But, if you’re on a budget, this scratcher is hard to beat. A simple cardboard wedge this scratcher comes with a reversible and replaceable scratch pad and a dose of catnip to get your cat interested.

Solid, dependable and just the job – your cat could do a lot worse – and it’s just 8 bucks!

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Catissa – Cat House

Not seen enough designer cat house systems yet?

Well here’s one more.

Designed for wall mounting, preferably in a corner and close to the ceiling to keep the living area free for you and to give your cat an excellent top-down overview.

Each handmade wooden storey is finished to a very high standard and comes with a sheepskin cushion.

A refuge for your cat and undeniably stylish – we love this!

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Kitty Block

Hang on – we hear you.

All you want for your cat is a crazy, sturdy, modern looking, super functional, no frills corrugated fibreboard box / home.

Then you’re very lucky that those guys at Kittyblock have made exactly that for your cat.

Outside dimensions are 15″ cubed and the inside dimensions are approximately 10″ x 10″ x 15″. Stack them up, go crazy and let your cat run wild. Another brilliant cat product.

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