12 Adorable Photos Of Cat Dads And Their Kitties

It used to be said that women love cats and men love dogs – a stereotype that had been around for decades. So much so that if a woman prefers dogs, or a man that loves cats, well, they must have some major gender issues. Today though, thankfully, this is no longer the case and men are happy to share their love of cats on social media…

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Cats Knocking Stuff Over

Yes it’s true! Even our adorable cats are capable of wrecking havoc in our households because they seem to great pleasure in knocking our stuff over. Whether it’s expensive ornaments, other pets and even the younger members of the family they really don’t care.

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10 Funny Cat Clips!

Cat Man Chris and his partner Jess love their kitties very much and are always looking for new ways to keep them entertained. Now that Jugg and Zig Zag have joined the Cole and Marmalade family there’s always something going on…

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