Woman Adopted A Tiny Sick Kitten, And One Year Later…It’s Just Amazing

They said that this kitty wouldn’t be able to survive, but one woman saw the fight in him, rescued him from death and gave him the second chance he so deserved.

He was in a very poor state and was born with only two toes on his right paw. He was the smallest of the kittens at the shelter and was very weak because he wasn’t eating properly.

However, his adoptive mother, a woman named Justina, was confident that this little cat, Brownie, would make it through this ordeal. There was no way she was giving up on him, she fed him and provided all the care, love and attention he needed.

A year later, no one believed that this kitty would survive, but Justina didn’t give up on him, she knew he just needed a second chance and now he’s thriving with love and blossomed into a fluffy!

He started to gain weight and as he moved into adulthood became bigger and fluffier. Brownie’s transformation is nothing short of stunning.

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