My Baby Sadie – 4th February 2014

Today’s pictures of your cats submitted to our Facebook page – ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be the first to see these every day.

This is my baby Sadie. Sent in by Clairen Needham:


Meisha on the landing watching for intruders. Sent in by Mary Quinlan Hudson:


Hello little fella! Sent in by Patty Newark:

4th feb 3

This is our Snooty in his new bed a paper carrier bag from Penneys. Sent in by Vincent McKeever:


These are my babies Boo, on the left, and Lucy, on the right. Boo was an unexpected addition to our family. At first Lucy was not fond of Boo but I guess the little booger grew on her! They’re inseparable now. Sent in by Brittney Danielle Heibner:


And finally, this is Spooky. He’s so silly! Sent in by Susan Abelseth:


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