This is My Beautiful William – 6th January 2014

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This is my beautiful William. Sent in by Sheila Dobson Perks:


Tiger has got herself in a bit of a muddle while playing! Sent in by Becky Hoyle:


My plants were doing really well until Shadow was found at our doorstep cold and hungry….. He has doubled in size and loves to lay in my now trampled and dying plants. I don’t care, they can be replaced but my furbabies can’t! Sent in by Pam Click:


May I come in..? the door is closed..!!
My name is MAO , I am 13 years old but still loving spend night outside…!! Submitted by Veronica Guillery:


Madison and Parker. Two brothers who I found as teeny babies in the woods back in 2012. Now they are happy indoor only kitties that love to cuddle. Sent to us by Katie Ronan:


Got inside by himself to a very narrow box! He definitely fits and feels comfortable! Sent in by Ran Chen:


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