Brothers Jak and Blu – 1st february 2014

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Brothers Jak and Blu (Blu has been missing since 7 Dec)…they often cuddled up together. Sent in by Ali Stodart:


This lovely kitty was sent in by Suzelle Robidoux:

1st feb 2

This is Mitzy & Snicklefritz …loving buddies. Sent in by Sam Gus:

1st feb 3

This is my Lovely Pet Manny, the big one. He is my favourite Pet, he always used to take a nap on my shoulder.
The little one is Pinky. She is the one that my Mom loves the most. She always used to play with Manny. I love them alot. sent in by Bin Rynjah:


my sweet princess, Sofia. Sent in by Rose Haupt:


This is Tigerlily, one of my cats. Sent in by Jo C Bell:


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