Your Cats – 17th March 2014

Here’s a round up of some of the recent great cat pictures submitted to us by you on our Facebook page.

Aufgepasst!!! (which means beware!) Sent in by Uwe Köhler:

17th March 1

Sleepy cat! Sent in by Roland Denzer:

17th march 2

My cat sleeps anywhere! Sent in by Nichola Smith:

17th march 3

Skimbleshanks and Macavity relaxing on their kitchenchairs! Sent in by Dunja Zeller:

17th march 4

Hi hi hi! Sent in by Aicha Mirela

17th march 5

A vet visit should only be done with style and comfort. Ms Izabellah Bleu. Sent in by Theresa Mclaughlin:

17th march 6

Our little “Bandit” girl! She is just the sweetest little girl & sooo beautiful! Sent in by Sheri Hawk Burchett Armes:

17th march 7

My fur baby, Goliath.  He’s a momma’s boy! Sent in by Holly Farris:

17th march 8

My cat sleeps everywhere! Sent in by Emmy de Haas:

17th march 9

Milo playing hide and seek. Sent in by Shelly Khan:

17th march 10

Hey, thought I would send you a photo of my cat j=Jeff Jefferson!  I found him when he was abandoned at 6 weeks old with his 3 sisters and his brother. The RSPCA wouldn’t take them in so we gave them all new loving homes! I kept Jeff Jefferson because my sister left for university that same day and I thought he would be great company, and he is. Sent in by Zoe Gibbon Good:

17th march 11

And finally, this is Bartholemeow “Bart”……I got him from the humane society and I swear he has Angora in him. Sent in by Susan Dixon:

17th march 12

And if you would like to submit your pictures, here’s how to do it.

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