Your Cats – 25th January 2015

Here’s a round up of some of the recent great cat pictures submitted to us by you on our Facebook page.

Ah my Gizmo, Milo & Leo all laying near each other. Sent in by Kev Sykes:


Butter wouldn’t melt? Sent in by Suzie Minney:

Suzie Minney

These gorgeous kitties were sent in by Yasser Sultan:

Yasser Sultan


This beauty was sent in by Carolyn Balser Lynd:

Carolyn Balser Lynd

This sleepy head was sent in by Lyda Deetz-lawley‎:

Lyda Deetz-lawley‎

My tiny 8 week old kitten Oreo certainly seems to think something’s funny! Sent in by Louise Webster:

Louise Webster

Now the cute side of wee Oreo:

Now the cute side of wee Oreo

My lil mister, sent in by Ray Tanner:

My lil mister

Mrs.White and her pure white Kitties! They are all heart-melting babies for sure! Sent in by Khimmy Imperial:

Khimmy Imperial

This is Duece. Sent in by SiStar Hernandez:

SiStar Hernandez

My baby boy. Sent in by Bellah H Marie:

Bellah H Marie

Games night! Sent in by Michelle Williams:

Michelle Williams

It’s a cats life. Sent in by Caroline Shears:

Caroline Shears

My beautiful little girl. Sent in by Nadia Fry:

Nadia Fry

Kitty Canner!!! St Nicholas helps with everything! Sent in by Carole Kego Hamman Westlake:

Carole Kego Hamman Westlake

Hi everyone, this is my beautiful Eric, sadly he died last year aged 18. Sent in by Emma Is-bonkers Eke:

Emma Is-bonkers Eke

I fits, I sits. Sent in by Mac Birrell:

Mac Birrell

My new kitten Claude. Sent in by Audrey Lindsay:

Audrey Lindsay

Jacoby my Himalayan. Sent in by Francine Komisar‎:

Francine Komisar‎

Box Ninja! Sent in by Anna Walton:

Anna Walton

Anna Walton1

This is how my lil boy relaxes. Sent in by Betsy Kyle:

Betsy Kyle

My cat Diamond after her bath. Sent in by Goldie Chansler Fritts:

Goldie Chansler Fritts

Our new kitten “Timbit” practicing her pole dancing routine on the butter churn. Sent in by Valerie Watson-Arnold:

Valerie Watson-Arnold

Here’s my Finn doing a, “If I fits, I sits” photo! Sent in by Caitlin Williams:

Caitlin Williams

Annie loving her cat nip cigar! Sent in by Amy Collins:

Amy Collins

And if you would like to submit your pictures, here’s how to do it.

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