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Your Cats – 26th March 2014

Here’s a round up of some of the recent great cat pictures submitted to us by you on our Facebook page.

Anybody else suffer from bad cat in blinds syndrome? Sent in by Sam Priest Barrett:

26th March 1

Thought I would share my gorgeous girl, Ozzy, with you all, she’s 11.5 human years & still kitten fresh.  I took this at 10am today, she was enjoying a lie-in. Sent in by Sonya Finucane: 

26th march 2

This is Dezi. Sent in by Vickie Chewning: 

26th march 3

This is my Moet, she was 20yrs & 7 months when we lost her, this was taken a few months before she passed away xxxx.  Sent in by Kim Ryrie:

26th march 4

Wishing my loveable old tabby Jarvis (named after Jarvis Cocker!) a very happy 20th Birthday today! He’s deaf and has recovered well from a cancerous tumour. Love him to bits. Sent in by Andi Toy:

26th march 5

Cat in a bag! Sent in by Julia Shaw:

26th march 6

My beautiful boy amongst the African violets! Sent in by Adré Doidge:

26th march 7

Battlestar Galacticat! Sent in by Sara Muldowney:

26th march 8

It’s cool here Daddy….Sent in by Stephen McCarthy:

26th march 9

This is our Marcus. A rescue kitty that has made our lives full of fun. Sent in by Carrie Ellen Steigerwald:

26th march 10

This is nelson who is around 11 years old. Such a handsome boy! Sent in by Marie Quinn:

26th march 11

And finally, this is Sheldon just before his 2nd birthday. Sent in by Lana Lloyd:

26th march 12

And if you would like to submit your pictures, here’s how to do it.




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